The scientific conference for students of IAET

The day has finally come!!
We've come a long way this season.
Finally, our projects will come to light and we will discuss them at the conference.

Space Day

The participation of the Egyptian Space Agency The scientific day of the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering was organized Space Day Event and he attended the symposium

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khalil Al-Iraqi

Executive Vice President of the Egyptian Space Agency

ِAlumni invitation

The date of the Alumni Forum of the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Technology for the year 2021,

Cessna Aircraft

In order to support the practical lessons to students, the Institute was provided with a Cessna aircraft and the aircraft which is working in good condition so that the students will be trained on the full plane mechanics. Practical classes will be scheduled for 3rd and 4th Aviation Department's Student for training on Cessna aircraft and the new Boeing 737-500 engine that has been added to the laboratories recently.
  With best wishes to our students



Training & Visiting Trips





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