Why would the Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology be your first choice?

For many reasons 👇

👈 The Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology is a distinguished educational institution affiliated to the Egyptian Academy of Aviation Sciences

👈 Qualifications accepted by the Institute: General Secondary School, Engineering Division (Science of Sports) and equivalent Arab and foreign certificates.

👈 The institute does not accept technical diplomas, nor industrial schools, the five-year system, nor agricultural secondary schools, nor tourism, hotels, nor Mubarak Cole schools.

👈 The period of study at the institute will be five years and it will grant a bachelor’s degree in engineering in one of the following disciplines:-

Aviation Engineering Department

Electronics and Communications Engineering Department

 Department of Architecture Engineering

Department of Power Engineering and Electrical Machines

Department of Mechanical Power Engineering

⚡ Department of Civil Engineering

     Because some departments are rare in Egyptian institutes and colleges

It gives you a greater chance in the labor market to get a suitable job 👉

👈 Accreditation by the Supreme Council of Universities to equalize the certificate awarded by the institute with a bachelor's degree awarded by Egyptian universities

👈 Graduates are members of the Egyptian Engineers Union

👈 Accreditation of the Institute's departments to the Engineering Education Committee of the Federation of Arab Engineers.

💡 The institute teaches elite members of the best faculty in Egyptian universities who have long experience in the field of public and private engineering education.

💡 The institute seeks to prepare qualified graduates with knowledge and skills, who are able to compete locally and regionally, keeping pace with scientific and technological developments and the needs of the labor market, while developing the scientific research system and community service.

💡 All classrooms at the institute are air-conditioned

💡 The institute is equipped with the latest laboratories for all disciplines to teach laboratory lessons.

💡 The institute is for expenses that are paid in two installments, and submission to the institute will be through the coordination office

💡 Near the distance from the student city on Ahmed Orabi Street

📌 The location of the institute in Imbaba is from Ahmed Orabi axis in Mohandessin to the Ring Road

For more details call us :  0233594060

Introductory video for the institute :  https://youtu.be/XziDeANk-o

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