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The Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology      is an Egyptian private educational institute established in 1997 with five years of study in English. Cairo University is developing the study regulations and participating in teaching and supervision of the educational process under an agreement signed on 12/10/1997. The Institute is under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education under Decree No. 925 for the year 2000. .


Institute  of Aviation Engineering and Technology 

aspires to achieve leadership and excellence and to occupy a prominent position locally and regionally in teaching, learning, scientific research

and community service in the field of aviation engineering and technology


Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technolog y  

  seeks to prepare qualified and skilled graduates who are capable of competing locally and regionally, keeping abreast of the scientific and technological
developments and the needs of the labor market, developing the scientific research system and serving society in a framework of values ​​and ethics.


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Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technolog y  



Stratigic Objectives

The Institute seeks to achieve three main goals:
  Raise the efficiency of the educational and research process in the Institute
Upgrading the institutional capacity of the Institute

Community development and work to achieve community satisfaction