Cooperation Protocol
CAD MASTERS Company and the institute

A Cooperation Protocol between cad masters Company and the institute

A cooperation protocol was signed between the institute and CAD Masters Company, allowing students discounts on all engineering courses and providing free lectures and various activities.

This is under the supervision of Professor Dr. Elwy Essa El-Kholy, Dean of the Institute.

In the presence of:

Professor Dr. Shadi Abdel-Aleem Al-Sibai, Vice Dean of the Institute for Education and Student Affairs

Professor Dr. Najwa Al-Zayadi, Vice Dean of the Institute for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs

Professor Dr. Yahya Waziri, Head of the Architecture Department

Dr. Yasser Abdel Hamid is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Jihad Al-Ghunaimi is a doctor in the Department of Architecture

 This is within the ongoing framework that CAD Masters aims to develop engineering students in all governorates and bridge the gap between academic education and the labor market.

Through this protocol, CAD Masters will provide the institute’s students with many scientific activities and workshops, and will also provide them with engineering training at the highest level with accredited certificates.

It is worth noting that CAD Masters has signed many cooperation protocols with many colleges, institutes and bodies nationwide.



the Faculty of specialized studies and the Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology
A cooperation Protocol