Outstanding Graduation Project
power engineering and electrical machines Department

Prof. Dr. Alawi Essa El-Khouly, Dean of the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Technology - Egyptian Academy of Aeronautics - Ministry of Civil Aviation, extends his sincere thanks and appreciation to the students of the Power Engineering and Electrical Machines Department for their implementation of a distinguished graduation project in accordance with the research plan of the state and the vision of our beloved Egypt 2030.With a TV interview on Nile Live channel, Nahark Saeed program
With some of the students of the department to talk about the graduation project for the year 2023, entitled

An effective smart system for generating green hydrogen based on the dual-axis solar tracker system and the Internet of Things
Under supervision:
Prof. Fathi Bassiouni, Head of Electrical Power and Machines Engineering Department
Project team members:
1. Ahmed Maher Abdel Moneim
2. Muhammad Taha Fayed
3. Mohamed Shawky Abdel Fattah
4. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Mahmoud
5. Mahmoud Ahmed Taha
6. Ahmed Abdel-Moamen Abdullah
7. Mahmoud Mustafa Jaber
8. Hazem Essam Abdel Hamid
9. Adham Gouda Ibrahim

Field Visit
Field Visit To Ras Ghareb Station