Student Services

Social Care

- The Institute provides financial support to financially distressed students based on social research provided to those with special circumstances. This support aims to achieve the principle of social solidarity among students who are unable to continue university education for social reasons such as losing a breadwinner or failing to pay expenses as a result of various social situations such as exempting siblings.

- Students who are unable to pay the full fees are granted support determined by the Institute’s Board of Directors according to specific documents submitted by the student to prove the marital status and monthly income of the family and after examining the case; This is within the limits of Article (61) Paragraph (3) of Law No. 52 of 1970

Medical Care

The institute provides a medical clinic equipped to receive urgent cases, and students whose treatment requires intervention are referredprovided that the institute bears the cost of examination, treatment, and operations, in accordance with a larger transfer to the Student Hospital in Giza, based on what it approves the Institute's Board of Directors rules.

Student Union

The rules applied in all private institutes and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

   §   The general system for student union activities in accordance with higher education is applied annually.

The Library


The institute’s library is a right for everyone and is equipped with the latest educational tools and books to provide the best services in accordance with the general rules applicable in libraries

Struggling Students

Caring for students who are struggling academically:

a. Students who are struggling academically are detected by conducting periodic evaluation examinations throughout the semester

Academic grades, through the grades of the year’s work related to scientific subjects, and through the results of the previous year (in proportion).

For the remaining students to repeat (and specify the lists of students who obtained a percentage of less than 60%.

B. Research the social, psychological and health status of each student to find out the reasons for stumbling and try to find solutions to these

Problems through the youth care department at the institute.

C. Involving them in student, social and recreational activities to develop the bonds of communication between them and members of the body.

Teaching in particular and the institute in general.

D. After discovering these students, a meeting is held with them to determine their needs by the scientific leader of the group and the institute’s dean

For education affairs, students, and assistant faculty members working in the band, and researching the reasons for their faltering

the study .

H. Preparing and organizing tutorial seminars in the academic subjects in which these students stumbled

And the. Appointing a scientific leader for every 10 students to monitor their improvement in achievement and skill levels and prepare a periodic report

The team conducts an update on the condition of these students, under the supervision of the department head, to demonstrate their response to support efforts

Methods of controlling and treating it, by re-explaining the skills, supporting the language, or re-explaining it

Theoretical topics for the student.

g. The students are re-evaluated again to determine if they have improved or not, and the support policy is modified if necessary.

Present the result to the band advisor, then the institute’s representative for educational and student affairs to take the necessary action